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Welcome to the Nonproliferation Portal

The Portal is a multimedia platform for expanding knowledge and fostering connections across the international nonproliferation community.

Here you can register for short courses, read texts and treaties, ask questions and have them answered by experts, and more.

  • Next Gen ACE: Cryptopgraphy 101

    - Virtual

    Information security and data authentication are critical pillars in the use of technologies in future arms control agreements.  Cryptography in various forms has been supporting these pillars across many fields for hundreds of years.  This course will provide an introduction to identifying and understanding how cryptography can be employed within arms control monitoring and verification to support the development and deployment of trusted technologies.  In this virtual engagement, Dr.

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  • 2023 Summer Safeguards Lecture Series


    Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory is organizing the 2023 virtual Summer Safeguards Lecture Series, jointly with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. Sponsored by the NNSA Office of International Nuclear Safeguards (OINS), the lecture series is intended to serve as an introduction to the topic of international safeguards for US-based summer students/interns and early career staff at the DOE National Laboratory Complex. See schedule below for dates, speakers, and topics.

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